Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2 new cards from the US

Last couple of days brought me three new cards. I just love the Round Robins!!! They all came through the "US and Around the World" robin. My first 4 out of 5 official cards have arrived to Finland, so I am anxiously waiting for my firlst official cards. Should I mail more right away or wait for the first ones to arrive?? Big question to pound, LOL...
This one is from the state of Washing-ton. I visited Seattle, WA last fall and saw Mount Reinier from a distance. It would be fun to go look at it closer! "At 14,411 MOUNT RAINIER is the highest volcano in the 48 contiguous states and is the tallest mountain in Wasginton State. Some os the most spectacular meadows of alpine flowers and towering forests are here and are found in few other places. On a clear day Rainier dominates the horizon for hundreds of miles."

Next is the card from New Orleans, Louisiana. Very pretty, back says "Rain on Royal Street". New Orleans is on my list of cities to visit in the future. I hope it gets rebuilt all the way after Katrina.

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