Sunday, August 2, 2009

All About Women

I participated in a very nice exchange of postcards through "all about women"- colored women round robin.
From Alice Blue_Zamia: "America Dances: Girls fall into sync in a dance class, Washington, DC, 1942. ". Alice writes, "Washington, DC schools were racially segregated through the 50's so these girls would have attended an all black & inferior school. The schools in the city were still horrible when I was growing up in Maryland in the 70s." Thank you so much, Alice!
From Maren in Germany comes this African beauty.
From France, arrived this beautiful card with an Indian woman. "A Rajastani lady in her traditional dress."From Hong Kong, comes this beautiful painting of a Chinese beauty. Thank you, Winnie!


  1. All of these are absolutely fantastic! I can't even come close to choosing a favorite.

  2. I know :) I love them all!!!

  3. I agree with Chris - a really high quality (and classy) selection of postcards.
    Evelyn in Montreal