Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rungus ethnic group, Malaysia

Through the traditional costumes tag, came this beautiful card from Cikgu Dale. Rungus is an ingenious tribe which inhabits the Kudat Peninsula of Borneo. Here is a bit of info from VirtualMalaysia.com: "The Rungus, a sub-tribe of the Kadazan-dusun people, are the main ethnic group living in Kudat. They are renowned in Sabah as highly skilled artisans who traditionally make local plant seeds and clay. They still maintain the longhouse community system whereby a longhouse which begins as a single apartment built by the father, and when children grow and start their own families, they build similar apartment to their father’s unit, thus creating a longhouse." Very beautiful beadwork! If you would like to read more about his particular costume, please visit this site.
Happy postcrossing!