Thursday, June 4, 2009

St. Petersburg, Russia - Lomonosov Bridge and Trinity Cathedral

A beautiful card from Alexandra. Saint Petersburg is a very beautiful city. This picture depicts an old Lomonosov Bridge across the Fontanka River. Wikipedia says that it " is the best preserved of towered movable bridges that used to be typical for St. Petersburg in the 18th century." Bridge was built in 1785-1787.

In the back you can see the Trinity Cathedral.

According to the Russian tradition, each regiment of the imperial guards had its own cathedral. The Trinity Cathedral was the regimental church of the Izmailovsky Regiment of Imperial guards, one of the oldest guards regiments in the Russian Army.

On July12, 1733, a large field tent operating as a church was consecrated here, with icons painted on a dark blue satin. However, the church functioned only in the summer, and in winter the soldiers and officers had to attend other parish churches. In 1754-1756, a wooden church was built on the site on order of Epress Elizabeth. The church had two altars, the main one of which was consecrated in the name of the Trinity. It suffered heavy damage as a result of the flood of 1824 and had to be rebuilt. Construction of the new church began in May 1828, and the new cathedral was consecrated in May 1835.

The interesting fact: in 2006, the main dome of the Cathedral collapsed and one of the smaller destroyed due to a large fire. (This card was published in 2003!). Thankfully, Russian Government is restoring the old church.

The cathedral became a part of the Saint Petersburg UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990.

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