Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June RR - Utah and Louisiana

I am continuing to receive the cards through June Round Robin. There is 31 participants from all over the world right now, so I am hoping for some very unique cards from far away places! Here are the ones I received this week. First is a night view of Salt Lake City. Beautiful! Would love to visit Utah, especially to see the Mormon Temple and to go skiing! I love going on vacations and always try to find interesting and educating places to visit. I would do a big research before going to Salt Lake City. There is a lot of history there. I did read a few books about the Mormon religion and it seems so different to me, who grew up with the religion of atheism and later, became a Christian.

Another card is from New Orleans, Louisiana. Nikinna collects fleur de lis's and send me one. :) It is a fitting symbol of her city.

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